DevSecOps Pipeline

DevSecOps is a culture shift in the IT industry that aims to Integrate Security into the rapid software release cycles that are very significant in modern application development and deployment, also known as DevOps. Embracing this shift-left methodology requires organizations to bridge the gap that exists between Developers and Security Analysts to the point where many of the security processes & advisories are missed and overlooked.

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Enforce Secure Coding

Secure Coding is the ability to develop code that has a high defense to vulnerabilities. It’s very crucial that your developers are highly skilled enough to develop a secure code, even if it takes time to development. Establishing and adhering to Secure coding standards should be enforced and an awareness has to be created as they help developers to build a Clean & Secure Code.

Adopt Automation

Automation plays a vital role in DevSecOps. In order to handle Security with rapid software delivery lifecycles in a CI/CD environment, automation of security is really important. This is especially needed for large organizations where developers push tons of code to production multiple times at regular intervals of time. Choosing the right security automation tool helps in the success of your Organization's products.

DevSecOps revolutionizes the way organizations handle Security. However, due to lot of reasons, such as lack of awareness, culture shift &  cost constraints, still many medium & low scale organizations are still skeptical about adopting DevSecOps.

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