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Web application API’s are the common vectors for security attacks. In order to find actual impact vulnerabilities, attackers mostly focus on these entry points which directly communicates with applications back-end.

Developers mostly neglect to implement secure best practices while building API’s. This is the point where the companies require security audit & testing to uncover potential security vulnerability that impact API’s.

Data breaches are increasing at a very rapid pace, but any Organization can take steps toward better security from preventing the breaches to occur. APIs are worth the effort and needs continuous Security testing, you just need to know what to look for. We are here to help on the same.


We at Security Souls takes care of API Security Testing with proper planning and approach. 

We follow industry standard security guide lines and standards like OWASP API Security, BSIMM.

Basic Security Checklist Includes:

    • Broken Object Level Authorization
    • Broken Authentication
    • Excessive Data Exposure
    • Lack of Resource and Rate Limiting
    • Broken Function Level Authorization
    • Mass Assignment
    • Security Misconfiguration
    • Injection
    • Improper Assets Management
    • Insufficient Logging and Monitoring

We do also have our classified security testing methodology where we find high impact vulnerabilities in application API’s.