SAP Security

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From past few years SAP has become pioneer in all sectors of IT. SAP ERP software is the backbone of so many businesses and now it has become the common target for most of the attackers. A DOS attack or an external user performing malicious activities on your SAP systems could have a very serious impact on your business.

Security Souls is one of the leading SAP security consultants, we have conducted SAP securities for many businesses across the globe. Our security experts have specialized knowledge and built custom tools needed to identify SAP vulnerabilities.

We offer a wide range of security services across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments for SAP products & applications.

Our Security Checklist Includes:

    1. Network settings and landscape architecture Assessment
    2. OS Security Assessment 
    1. DBMS Security Assessment
    2. ABAP Code Assessments
    3. Network Penetration testing of SAP Infrastructure (Network, OS & Databases)
    4. Web Application Penetration testing of SAP portals, Administration Interfaces, and other System Components
    5. SAP NetWeaver Security Assessment
    6. Internal Assessment of Access controls
    7. Assessment of SAP components like SAP ERP, SAP Gateway, SAP Messenger Server, SAP Portal, SAP Router, SAP GUI and other modules
    8. Assessment of compliance with SAP, ISACA, DSAG, OWASP standards