Source Code Review

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code review

Secure code Review is the examination of an application source code to find vulnerabilities missed in the initial development phase. Our Penetration testers scans the code of an application against multiple vulnerabilities which includes OWASP Top 10 & SANS 25. Once the vulnerability scanner, finds the vulnerabilities, we manually check them to eliminate false positives to consolidate the report.

The secure code review varies with the programming language and the lines of code. We are specialized in analyzing the advanced stacks like Angular JS, React JS, Node JS, Python & Ruby languages. 

Our code review team is well experienced in creating applications and conducting secure code reviews wrt to programming language. We use a combination of automated tools and manual reviews to find and propose fixes for coding errors that may lead to serious security issues.

Scoping & Preparation

Scoping of applications by discussing with Development teams to understand their Coding Standards, Guidelines & Documentation, a phase where study of code is being done & preparing necessary Checklists.


Identification of Security design issues & prepare a comprehensive list to Analyze the areas in the application code which handle critical functions like Authentication, Authorization, Data Validation and other OWASP Top 10 Issues.


Once the code is analyzed, we verify the flaws manually and generate a comprehensive report, We also work closely with in-house developers to build a solution & help teams to remediate the vulnerabilities at the earliest.