Mobile Application Security

Ctrl + Alt + Security

In this emerging world of technology, usage of mobile applications has become huge. In this fast pace of development, it is obvious that developers miss common security checks which leads to serious vulnerabilities which may bring down the company reputation and brand value. 

Security Souls focuses on missing key security practices and finds out the vulnerabilities in the mobile applications. We also perform penetration testing on the found vulnerabilities and will escalate the attack to show developers the actual impact of the issues that we have found. Apart from using SAST, DAST and IAST scanners, we also perform manual pentesting on the applications to find out various business logic, authorization and various other high impact issues. 

We do follow OWASP Mobile, OSSTMM, CWE, NIST and many other security standards. We also have our own classified pentesting methodology to perform VAPT on mobile applications.

Application specific attacks are on the rise,  nearly 55% of all the global attacks were application specific. Here’s an interesting depict which shows the insecurity around mobile applications where 77% of Organizations feel securing mobile apps is a difficult task. 


Cost is another major factor which is affecting mobile application security now a days where most of the organizations doesn’t even allocate required budgets needed for the assessment.

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of Organizations donot allocate required Budget for Mobile Application Security Testing

A professional pentesting assessment covering it is the best practice to assess the security controls of your mobile application. Since  smartphone usages and mobile apps will increase in the near future, reliable mobile application security is an absolute must for every Organization.