Cloud Security

Ctrl + Alt + Security

Many organizations are adopting the cloud and leveraging the services associated with it. According to a proven survey, majority of organizations have trust in the public clouds to secure sensitive data.

However, cloud service providers do not handle every aspect of security as most of the cloud providers follow shared responsibility model. The need for cloud security is real with the increase of more public clouds and cloud adoption.

Below are some cloud security services offered by Security Souls that should be considered by every organization before pursuing a secure cloud environment.

  • Here is our Cloud Pyramid which offers wide variety of Cloud Services :
      • Network & Infrastructure Security
      • Data Protection & Encryption
      • SIEM/SOC Setup for Threat Detection , Prevention & Mitigation
      • IAM for Control over Users & their access
      •  Data Security wrt Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Security Souls provides unparalleled protection for your users and data that is hosted on Cloud, giving you complete control over users, their activities, and data access etc. 
  • Deep visibility and end-to-end data protection, advanced threat protection, Data Privacy & Encryption, and extensive compliance capabilities ensure you to safely and securely embracing Cloud capabilities, as well as many other cloud-based applications & services.


  • Benefits Include:
      • Accelerate Cloud Adoption & Increase Cloud Visibility.
      • Discover cloud usage and control over user activity to minimize data loss and to tackle compliance risks.
      • Minimize Data Breach Risks with powerful Data Protection which causes financial loss, reputational and legal impact.